Sundari [sun·da·ri]

Sanskrit Meaning: The highest expression of divine beauty.


Meet Sundari, a swimwear line that will elevate your spirit, your style, your consciousness. Sundari Swim inspires women to discover, embrace, and radiate their inner beauty. We have the perfect bikini (and one piece) for every body type, from cheeky bottoms designed to flatter and enhance your (ahem) assets, to full coverage tops that offer comfortable support. Our sophisticated colors will glow against your natural, gorgeous skin tone and leave you feeling sexy, confident, and ready to hit the beach.

All of our designs are enhanced by hand-picked raw crystals that will uplift your spirit, unleash your power, and calm your mind. Accessorize your swimwear with the perfect piece, based on your unique life number a one-of-a-kind stone, hewn by nature, that will help you rediscover and balance and your most radiant self.

To learn more about the healing power of crystals, click here.

Watch this video to learn more about our Designer, Emily. Here you can see how she changed her life by moving to Bali, quitting her corporate job in California and how Sundari Swim was born. 



Sundari Founder and Designer Emily Thomas grew up in California, in love with the sun and sand from the very start. In 2016 she set out on a global journey of self-discovery and landed in Bali, Indonesia, instantly charmed by the island’s deep spiritual side. It was here, through a daily practice of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, that Sundari was born.

“I realized that my mission is to help women all over the world connect with their bodies, discover their inner beauty, and unleash their highest power. We’ve spent too long disconnected from our selves. We are all uniquely beautiful, at every size. And when we stop comparing ourselves and start loving ourselves, our entire mindset (and world) will change.

Sundari designs are helping Sundari babes experience radical internal shifts. The crystals help balance and enhance the unique energy in your body, leading to a happier, healthier you. Sundari Swim is designed to unveil the universal truth: We are all here to leave a mark on the world. We are powerful beyond measure.”

Emily Thomas, Founder & Designer


We produce our designs on the beautiful island of Bali, where we live, work, and swim. We work directly with the people who create our collections, proud that they are treated well and paid fairly. When you purchase a Sundari piece, you get a bikini that not only looks good, but does good, so you can feel good, inside and out.